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2024-2027 Strategic Plan

We are pleased to share our 2024-2027 Strategic Plan.


As a blueprint for guiding and transforming the Manchester-by-the-Sea (MBTS) Museum to better serve the community, we have identified six strategic goals.


We embarked on our comprehensive planning process in 2023, the year will celebrated the bicentennial of our Museum’s home.  We interviewed and engaged stakeholders, assessed the organization’s needs, opportunities, strengths, and weaknesses, and enlisted the help of experts.  


The resulting plan captures the collective ideas of Trustees and staff – both current and former members – on how best to chart the course to help the Museum deliver on its mission and achieve its vision. 


The plan – which was approved by the Board of Trustees on February 14, 2024 – will help us balance our aspirations with our resources and set in motion detailed work plans for our staff and volunteer Board.  Everything we do should align with these goals. 

MBTS Museum Strategic Plan.jpg

During our three-year journey, the plan will be revisited and updated as we learn more.  Each major milestone reached will be acknowledged and celebrated.


Thanks to all – especially our members – who shared their ideas and aspirations for our Museum.

The plan can be downloaded here.

Our Mission

To celebrate and serve the community by:


  • Fostering an appreciation of the quality and diversity of life — past and present — in Manchester-by-the-Sea.


  • Collecting and preserving archival materials, art, and artifacts of significance to the Town.


  • Engaging community interest and involvement through the collections and programming.

In every aspect, the Museum aspires to the highest standards, and seeks to engage the broadest audience.

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